About Us


What a fabulous time we had at Marriage Boost 2003! In fact, most people said it was THE BEST retreat we've ever had! The economy has taken its toll on many of us. Therefore, we had a small group this year with just 30 couples attending. However, it made for a very congenial, tight-knit group!  

Our hollywood theme was great fun for me! We had movie themed decorations, games, popcorn at every table, and a romance movie theme CD for mood music! It took some coaxing, but I even got everyone to dress up for their annual photo!

We tried a new hotel this year, the Ashman Court Marriot in Midland. We were VERY impressed! The rooms were nice, the food was great, the banquet rooms were fabulous and the hotel staff went above and beyond the call of duty! We have already booked retreat 2005 with them!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the Midland area. Many couples enjoyed walking the tridge, visiting Dow Gardens and shopping in the Midland shops.

We also had our ever popular visitor, Rodney. He had great fun joining our game night. He learned a new hand-shake from Harold Grawburg and made a special booger baby for Lisa bloss! He also shared some of his special magic tricks at the banquet.