Retreat 2007
"Wild About Each Other"

For Boost 2007 60 couples returned to Nappanee, Indiana, got out our cowboy boots and had a grand time with our western theme! Pastor Phil Whetstone taught us how to fight fair in his message, "Gunfight at the 'are you okay?' corral." He also delivered a moving message on submitting to one another on Sunday morning. I'm certain none of us will forget the inspiring vision of the footwashing Pastor Phil and his wife Tammy demonstrated. All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. We saw old friends and made lots of new ones!
We had lots of fun and spent valuable time with our spouses!

Having fun with the "Not-So Newlywed Game"

Getting honest - maybe too honest?

A special visit from the "Houston Stampede"!


Everybody loves a
John Deere!

Deanna and Wayne with our Treasurer and secretary,
Mark & Dawn.



Our fearless marriage mentors!

Thanks for ALL your help!

Who is THIS CRAZY GUY?????


What in the world is a SINGLE GUY doing here???? Thanks a bunch, Jason, for all your help! We're glad you came!


As always, we gave away lots of prizes including a free retreat to
Mackinac Island next year!

Watch out for buggies!


Our crazy costume winners:
Chief Full of Bull and his lovely squaw

Thanks to all the couples who joined us!