The Services We Offer


Prepare-Enrich Inventories

The PREPARE/ENRICH program is based on a set of five inventories that examine major relationship issues a couple may experience. The prepare-Enrich inventories are widely used by many licensed counselors. We have found them to be an invaluable tool in helping determine relationship strengths and growth opportunities and highly recommend them to all couples considering marriage, couples having difficulties, and couples who are just interested in boosting their marriage to the next level.


Pre-marital Guidance

We offer one-on-one guidance with couples who wish to get married. We do ask each couple to complete the prepare Inventory so that we can more accurately discuss with you your relationship strengths and growth opportunities. We also highly recommend that you allow us to connect you with a marriage mentor couple who can help you through the challenges of your first year together. You may even find yourselves in a lifelong friendship with your mentor couple!


Classes at your local church

Let us teach a 3-10 week marriage & family class at your church. We have lots of great material including Gungor's "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage", Eggerich's "Love & Respect", Dobson's "Bringing up Boys", etc. It's a great way to refresh your Wednesday night offerings!


Marriage Mentoring

We all know that the marriage relationship is very complex. The statistics on marriage are grim. Unfortunately, many couples begin marriage without the tools to handle challenges that will come along. Why then do we expect married couples to figure it out on their own? Marriage mentoring is the perfect solution to this growing problem. Let us connect you with a trained marriage mentor couple, a couple who has been through many issues and can help guide you through the difficulties in your marriage. This is not a couple who will judge you or give you advice, but rather a couple who will listen to your concerns, encourage you and support you in your journey of marriage. All of us can benefit from having people in our lives who care about our marriages.


Marriage Mentor Training

Afraid to be marriage mentor? Don't be! You don't have to have a perfect marriage to be marriage mentor. First and foremost, you need to be a good listener and an encourager. Remember that couples often feel they are completely alone in their struggles. Helping them realize that many couples have been through the same struggles and survived, is an important part of the mentoring process. Besides supporting other couples, many mentor couples also find that their own marriages are strengthened in the process. We offer an 8-10 session mentor training course using material from Drs. Les & Leslie Parrot. We then can connect you with a couple in need of a mentor.


Annual Retreats & Conferences

Each Spring we offer a retreat for married couples. Our retreats are relaxed and FUN offering lots of free time and a fun banquet. We also give away lots of door prizes and extra goodies. For the past few years we have enjoyed having themed banquets. Our guests have had great fun dressing up for our Luau theme, '70s theme, etc. We of course bring in a special speaker who can offer insight in "boosting" our marriages. Whether you've been married less than a year or more than 40 years, you are sure to enjoy the Marriage Boost retreat! We hold our retreats at Mackinac Island, Michigan; Shipshewana, Indiana and other fun locations. We also occasionally offer a local Fall conference.

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Everyone commented on how much they got from the sessions and thought you did a wonderful job - the right mix, right 'connection', etc. Thank you for sharing your heart. You have truly touched each of our lives.
-the McClains

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